Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today there was an article in Salon's newsletter about a guy who admitted an "affair" to his wife and how she bravely put him through some hoops and ultimately let him stay so I guess she could hold it over his head for life.

I know a handful will disagree, but I think the husband here got what he deserved. First, he had lots of arguments with his wife and went to counseling. Wrong! Don't argue with them, it is useless. Let them rant and walk out of the room. And real men don't go to counseling. Tell her to start without you.

Next, you admitted you had an affair. Mister, how dumb can you be? What are you, George Washington admitting he chopped down a freeking tree? Anyone knows you don't admit anything to a wife. What don't you know about the word, anything? You don't admit getting a Ketchup stain on a paper napkin, no less that you had an affair. And, by the way, you don't call it an affair. What are you a woman in drag? You were screwing someone, as in the word, humping. Real men don't sleep with women or have affairs, you woos.

Now, you'll be on a short leash the rest of your woos life apologizing for being alive. Let me teach you a new word. It is emasculated. Jeez, in survival of the fittest, this guy would not even get on Noah's ark.

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