Monday, November 22, 2010


TSA should ignore the media. Female reporters are having a feeding frenzy and I doubt it is because their sensibilities would be frayed or violated. I'm not saying that some of them got their job owing to a dire lack of sensibilities. I think it is only because it takes up air time and they have to conjure up air time 24/7. Male reporters are probably most scared and I don't have to tell everyone why. Gee, having another man pat you down may make you a raving sissy, they may laugh at your package, and all your wife's friends will laugh at her for bragging. So the male reporters feign a non judgmental stance while the girls scream 24/7.

Now, if TSA, folds and lets up on security and a bomber gets through, they have someone or something to blame other then themselves. They can blame the outrage that the media screamed about because a few idiots were outraged that someone touched them.

Now, dear reporters and moron passengers, if your plane blows up, don't worry, you'll all be dead and maybe your loved survivors will wish the hell someone grabbed your crotch and kept you alive.

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