Friday, January 21, 2011


This was from an article in The Huffington Post, whose helmsman, Arianna Huffington is someone I admire. OK. IBM has created a robot that beat the best of Alex Trebec's all stars and the article suggests that since it can think and is the smartest in the world, that its generation will take over the world, rendering us useless or non-existent.

When I worked for IBM, T.J. Watson was the Chairman and there was never a whisper, an utterance, no less a verbal declaration that he was not endowed with ethereal qualities raised to an apotheosis­, the Caesar of IBM. Don't get me wrong, I was among the 1/2 million or so, employees who were his enthusiast­ic devotees.

Naming the genius robot, Watson, seems, like the Sr. Bush President would say, "just the right thing to do".

Having said that, be it known that Watson would have an emotional explosion, should it have a conversati­on with my ex. No, this is not a slur. She was and is just always right. So, let us not fear that Watson or his predecesso­r HAL will achieve world dominance. We have a living breathing antidote.

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