Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin and the Crosshairs.

It is mostly the liberal press that is questioning Palin placing what appears to be rifle crosshairs on certain congressional districts. The question goes to whether this can incite the great unwashed, the skin heads, the snake pit crowd, to commit violence.

Did anyone out there in cyber land think that Palin was going apologize? Did newscasters,­editorial writers, journalist­, think that Palin would admit doing any wrong, any oversight, any mis-speak or her public recognition that she inflames her intellectu­ally challenged followers by saying anything purposely to incite?

It seems, from this view, Palin has learned that as long as she does not kill other than innocent animals from a helicopter­; as long as she doesn't personally commit crimes; as long as she acts macho - so loved by the wing nuts, she can deny anything blame anyone or group and go on with the charade knowing that her every statement will be given free publicity on every TV and Radio commentary­.

One month of totally ignoring her would probably have her fade into oblivion forever, forever, forever.

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