Sunday, March 27, 2011


Salon had a story about the greater acceptance of anal sex in the straight male population be it the use of fingers, dildos, or the real deal. The article even stated the willingness of men to talk about this to their friends and in mixed company. Comments on the article were mostly negative and that prompted me to blog my dos centavos.

Bill Maher states that we live in one of the most sexual repressed societies and there was a time when I thought funny Bill made this type of comment in the hopes of just getting laid or, perhaps, just more often.

Reading some of the comments, I can easily conclude that the veracity of Maher's declaration was not simply self serving but a good mirror into much of American sexual behavior.

Be thankful, you few who lead a robust anal inclusive sexual life, for the endemic nature of American sexual repression and moronic Homophobic bent of organized religion. The combination affords you lucky folk, a wider playing field.

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