Monday, January 24, 2011


Just read an article that shows the Post Office wanting to close thousands of offices. Last time I remember they wanted to cut Saturday delivery. I remember them closing the PO box window after limiting the hours. In each case, the solutions they put forth was not a hole in their administration end of the boat, it was that they gave too much service.

Every time the USPS publishes horrid losses, they act the same crappy way other government agencies, like schools of all levels, and may large corporations like banks. They cut services to the very people they are in business to serve and charge more for the remaining services. Gee folks, this takes lots of brains. They don't cut the administration, the bonuses, the salaries, the benefits, the overhead, and especially not the unions, the retirement funds, etc.

From one of the best postal services in the world, we are deteriorating it to a third world country. The only thing innovative I have seen is the Priority Mail if it fits, it ships. Oh, they have probably installed better mail handling equipment, better post office stamp and package machines, but they have not been innovative enough to compete with fax, Email, UPS, FedEx,
blogs, and other internet services.

And I'll give them this, that Congress who they have to go to for permission, is made up of lots of people who, cumulatively, doesn't seem to have two testicles.

I know little about the entire cost picture, but would vote eagerly for them cutting their own fat at least, equally to the services they want to cut, before allowing any of it.

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