Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forget Your Color and Grow Some Balls

The notion that Republicans will pay any price to win the Presidency and make the country pay any price by inaction is what I believe to be a correct analysis. The Republicans are experts at using Hitler's approach of repeating lies hoping it will stick. The Republicans are only interested in gaining power and showed this the day after Obama took office. Those are an overview of my opinions. It seems they do not pick out certain Administration ideas they don't like, but attack all ideas and the people themselves. Karl Rove must be doing a daily jig.

This country is in an economic state of emergency and I think Obama does not want to issue a state of emergency to gain powers and wants to be thought of as an erudite nice guy. He wants to protect a black legacy so others can follow. I believe this is a wrong posture. He is hoping that he will get a Democratic congress back and then be able to enact plans. So, like the Republicans, he has opted to only talk the talk. I think he should shed this wimp but nice guy theory and become a Honey Badger and go for their balls and do something as in the word, now!

Take a lesson from Bush, junior and learn the words, Executive Orders and spend money you dont' have. Print the damn money. Try something like declaring a national economic emergency effecting millions of citizens, and order enough public works programs to happen. He should also bring enough troops home to put them on domestic assignments. He should, by executive order, declare that certain classes of products will no longer be imported as finished product, but must be totally assembled in the U.S. He later should have a program for making the whole product or majority of it in the U.S. by citizens. By executive order, he should demand that 1/2 of all farmed out service jobs be pulled back into the U.S. and later increase to 75%. By executive order he should make the wealthy contribute and close tax loops to corporations who do not pay their fair share.

Let the Republicans scream their heads off. This way, I know you will win, your country will win, and get the black guy out of the supreme court and put in a progressive.

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