Sunday, December 4, 2011


AND IT IS US.............................

America was at its strongest when we manufactured the products we used and when we all paid our fair share of taxes, when everyone served in the armed forces, when laws controlled the abuses of business and the Supreme Court was more balanced .

We blame the Chinese, the Russians, Middle Easterners, Wall Street, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies, Big Pharma, Illegal immigrants and everyone except ourselves.

But the enemy is us. We allowed our great manufacturing base to go overseas, we have a voluntary armed force stretched to the limit, we have less and weaker controls on business abuses, our businesses are not hiring when we need them to, the government is deadlocked, and everyone wants their rewards now caring less, or not at all, about our fellow brethren. We sing songs like a flock of sheep about loving America, and we feel nothing for or fellow Americans. The i phone, I pod, in my opinion, panders to our myopic culture.

One can argue that I'm wrong, but I point out simply that a group of citizens occupied streets and parks, and the police broke them up and abused many, and we the people stood by and did nothing. Our fellow Americans were dragged, beaten, sprayed, and arrested and we watch it on TV like dummies. Many of us vote based on religious and ideological premises making me believe that we are not simply our own enemy, we are also borderline morons.

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