Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Octomom, Her Doctor and Her Kids.

This blog stems from a Salon story.

I disagree that the media, the talk show hosts and the comedians are punishing the Octomom. The jokes are not funny, the hatred is pathetic and deleterious, and those hard up for a joke or a story only punish her children at a later date should they read about these attacks.

I always had a love/hate feeling about Suze Orman liking the fact that she is a GLBT brethren and helps people. And I dislike, with some intensity, her monumental ego and posturing to be above those poor misguided souls who don't know as much as her about finance. Orman's remark to Nadia that everyone hates her is as disgusting as is untrue. Orman will probably not admit to any wrong. She belongs to the "I'm the only OK one" gang including Sarah Palin and Laura Schlessinger.

The real culprit is Dr. Michael Kamrava who implanted the 8 embryos and he should lose his license for this and be fined an amount large enough to help support the Octomom. He should pay child support for each of the eight from day one to 18 years.

I don't know the current legal state, but implanting more than 2 embryos should require approval from the AMA based on guaranteed ability to support and nurture.

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