Sunday, January 23, 2011


Someone I never heard of and hope to continue on this "never heard" path wrote a damning article about Keith Olbermann who just left MSNBC.

This right wing Fox News, Wall St. Journal, etc., hypocrite is so happy to see the wonderful voice of Keith Olbermann leave the air. I suppose I'd feel the same way if Hannity, Rush, Bill, etc. etc. all booked passage on the Titanic especially in steerage. Actually, I'd feel happier, but I would not gloat.

What ruffled my feathers was the Salon saw fit to publish this article. I suppose it could have come from Herr Glen Greenwald.

Olbermann is a loved, articulate, super intelligent, caring liberal voice for those who want to hear the polar opposite of the dribble of Fox News. In my view, many of his speeches ranked up there with the likes of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama. As a person, Olbermann was someone I grew to adore.

Keith O., I'm going to miss you. The void in my life, will be felt 5 times a week and I hope you rebound somewhere soon.

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