Saturday, January 29, 2011


I subscribe to a number of free news services and receive their daily Emails. Yesterday arrived this interesting medical story.

Certain types of bacteria are very dangerous to the stomach and intestines and cannot be treated with an antibiotic that does not also kill the necessary good bacteria in these organs. There do exist antibiotics that will both kill the evil bacteria as well as the good ones.

The problem is that once you kill the good bacteria resident in the intestines or stomach, it does not just re-populate.

Some doctors have perfected what is known as fecal transplant, whereas you get the stools from a relative and bring it to your doctor. He has it checked to see that it is healthy cocka and then has it put in probably an ordinary Oster blender with some saline, making a fecal milk shake.

Then it is introduced via the back door and it works just about 100% of the time giving you the good bacteria that has been killed by the broad spectrum anti biotic. (Some people just do it themselves)


What I really appreciated about this was two fold. One is that I didn’t read it over breakfast, and the second was the title of the news feed. Though not totally on point, it said that “The Enema of My Enemy is My Friend”.

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