Thursday, February 10, 2011

DUMB AND NASTY makes the news

New York State Rep. Christopher Lee who is married Emailed a woman on Craig's List to get a date. In his Email, he lied about his age, lied about his occupation, lied about his maritial status, and send a picture of himself shirtless. The woman turned around and sent his overtures to some blabber mouth on line service causing the congressman to resign.

I don't think he wife should be angry with him. His monumental disregard or ignorance of Craig's List protocol should tell his wife that he is not a "player" but just took a bite out of forbidden fruit and needs to be properly forgiven by giving him what he hasn't been getting.

Now as to the foolishness of using your real name. enough can't be said. The use of a screen name such as Studsly Chris would have avoided much of the embarrassment. He should remove (photoshop out)his face from the chest picture and in most cases show the other half if he has the package that would augment the picture. Now he did right by lying about his age because it is Craig's List and if you tell the truth, everyone will think you are a dumb newbie.

What amazed me is that he said he worked for a lobbyist organization and while lying about occupation is just fine on Craig's, he is kind of dumb saying he is a lobbyist. I mean, you wouldn't want to say you're a lawyer or a pimp and lobbyist is one rung lower. So, the Representative got what he deserved but I really also fault the mean spirited woman.

This sending private correspondence to some on-line supermarket tabloid sleeze site instead of taking it up with the guy is someone I describe in select 5 and 4 letter words and both of them I use as adjectives and not nouns. Nasty is as nasty does.

Well, these are my opinions.

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