Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The "N" word

Dr. Laura Schlessinger took some heat over her use of the "N" word to a radio listener and instead of an apology, defended herself with an attack (now known by the Woos media as a push back).

No question, political and social correctness demands that we avoid words that slur entire groups. Dr. Laura reminds me of someone who cannot stand to be wrong and just apologize. She and Sarah Palin share that same DNA; the stupidity of misguided ego; the I can do no wrong; that the paranoia is not mine, it belongs to everyone else.

However, I think that the "N" word must be eradicated by black people for as long as they think it is funny, that it is the "in" thing on BET and other cable channels or anywhere in public as long as it is uttered by black people and others dare not, then I believe it should return to the public Lexicon.

I propose a contract with all black ministers, politicians and community leaders. Permanently stop being bigoted and prejudicial against the gay community and embrace them as your fellow brethren, and require your flock to stop using the "N" word. Set an example that all people are created equal by preaching and living to it, and all of us honkies will stop- using the dreaded word.

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