Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Slate magazine published an article showing that in Iran, the Legislators are demanding the death penalty for organizers of protest. So, I just had to blog this:

I just love the fact that the oppressive legislators, whose major activity in life is probably to check for an enlarged prostate of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without the benefit of gloves or clothes pins, are demanding a death sentence for those who want to overturn the oppressive regime. Who would have thought?

At least, in this country, big business and their lackey bought and paid for legislators, can only vote and not demand the death penalty. We Americans are so much better. Of course, the fools that are paid to scream and hold signs can demand anything but hey, they are not legislators..... yet. You know, the idiots who hold signs saying "Government, leave my medicare alone".

For democracy to have a chance in Iran, the protesters have to "make nice" with the military. I suggest offering more virgins in heaven than Ahmadinejad does. A good number would be 80.
It is not too high so the astute military would not think it is a ruse.

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