Saturday, June 18, 2011

Circumcision AKA Cut

I have read some comment by a number of people who believe circumcision (do I spell it right?) is a mutilation of sorts. Even some places want to outlaw it.

I know those of you and your significant others who are uncut are amongst the ones who speak out with the loudest voice. I know you don't like others to think you are unclean, smelly and often very gross looking. Especially when it comes to your member, it really cuts deep into your psyche, libido, ego, mindset, self esteem, and what ever.

I'm sorry you feel this way and I understand why. Sexual stuff really hits hard. It is a reason for so much homophobia. It makes you feel less than a man and you certainly don't want your partner to look at you this way. So you rant as loud as you can in the hopes that you'll find a believer or two and on the bottom line, the only ones you found were others with similar misguided parents.

Well, please clean as good as you can. But, for me, I do love mine, how it looks, how it functions and I get such wonderful compliments. I don't know if I'd characterize it this way, but often hear the word, "yummy".

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