Sunday, January 16, 2011


There was an article on Salon that I started to suspect was a Public Relations stunt. It was supposed to be written by a feminist who had this wide eyed wonder having discovered the clean vibrant lifestyle of Mormon women. It didn't work for this reader. I had to retrieve a motion sickness bag in case I threw up.

I read enough of this article to know that it really had the look and smell to make Mormons seem like the essence of cleanly scrubbed faces, the wholesome lifestyle and the healthy work ethic. A little like a old Anglo Saxon Protestant photo. But what i believe lurks under the thin facade is the enormous deranged embodiment of bigotry that they embrace with every fiber of their mind and bodies.

Their I'm OK, you're not OK hubris that emanates like a thick poisonous fog from the highest levels of Mormonism is "offensive" - my most charitable term for them. I expect little from their leaders. Church (if you can call it that) leaders are paid to be ideologues. What I am amazed at is that their flock is so mindless not to rise up, throw out the pernicious leaders, and remove all aspects on snark minded bigotry.

Yes, I have an opinion on LDS. It starts with a clothespin and my nose.

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