Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Congressman Weiner

I am so angry that you did not just say that you sent some pictures to adult women in the hopes to play doctor or house, and it is none of anyone's business except those recipients. You could have gone on to say that if any photo was ill received, though not likely, that you would apologize to that person. You could have said that you did not violate any law and there is nothing wrong with making whoopee especially that you are single.

You made the Bill Clinton error and should have learned from that because Bill should have said that he is, indeed, a very naughty boy, and it is none of the freeking Republican's business especially that creepy lawyer K. Starr.

I believe if a guy does not use public funds for his private life, does not mess with minors, does not force or use the power of his office to have sex, and does not commit any kind of felony in seeking some sexual activity, the damn media should leave him alone.

Sorry Congressman, telling a lie is really operating with dirty hands.

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