Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, I agree that the use of the "N" word in Huck Finn is pretty derogatory and it is used quite often. Changing it to "Slave" does not seem to be much of an improvement, in fact I think it is a deep south euphemism for the "N" word and just as derogatory. I think a change to "Black" would enjoy the same political correctness as changing the Postman designation to Postal Worker. Now, changing the word "Injun" to "Indian" seems a little absurd. Injun is a cute term. But, that's in the cards. Clemens will surely turn in his grave.

I received an Email from someone who said they were an Indian. I asked him if he was a tech support Indian or a Tomahawk Indian. He said tech support, and we continued the conversation. Later, he proudly said he was from south India. I was taken aback, because the definite inference was that the ones from the north, were, well, just a bunch of no account skinny ass ....... .

All this leaves me with the most horrid thoughts imaginable. Someday, some damn PhD will insist that I use the words, Penis and Virginia when referring to either the adjective or the noun.

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