Monday, October 3, 2011

The Brilliance of Bank of America

BofA bought out a bank's credit card portfolio and I received their card. I bought about $500 a month and paid it always on time so, I guess, to punish me, they wanted to charge a monthly fee. As a result I cancelled their card and reported this practice to the Better Business Bureau. I received a phone call from someone who sounded like they worked for the capo de capo who was indignant telling me my account was not profitable. I told her that BofA did not have to worry about my accounts profitability any longer.

Since they came out with a cash-back card which I believe allows them to charge a higher fee for every credit transaction bleeding the merchant.

Now they want to charge a monthly fee for all those who use debit cards.

The conclusion dear reader, if that BofA who advertises about all the wonderful things they do in communities, the wonderful loans to build America, really looks to me, like a bank hungry for fees from all of their customers and banking associates. Yes, a fee hungry bank. If the shoe fits.........

Maybe everyone in the world who owns one of their credit or debit cards should cut it up and cancel the account. Perhaps the governing board will vote in a kinder and gentler capo.

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