Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I read a news story that someone, in their infinite wisdom, was blaming the Army for not recognizing a psycho was psycho and therefore the old scare about someone mailing Anthrax laced letters didn't get stopped before killing 5 people.

A while back I receive a scam Email from someone posing as an FBI Agent operating out of Seattle Wash., and it even had a correct FBI address. The gist was that the FBI found a bunch of money belonging to me and was so eager to return it. I forwarded it to that Seattle office (I think it was Seattle) and heard nothing back.

I don't fault the Army, I fault the FBI because I don't think the FBI could catch any perp since Jodi Foster played Clarice Starling. I don't think the Army has the sharpest knives in the drawer and when was the last time you heard that the FBI arrested a real criminal who didn't actually walk in and give themselves up?

I also fault the media for mentioning the work Anthrax 500 times on each channel each hour because they could. The media gives rock star status to every sicko. With this notoriety, it is no wonder they seek more fame.

The only good that came of this was Congress closing for a week. It was sad to impact the Supreme Court in those days, however, it might be good it they were disrupted now. I cite Citizens United..... hello!!!!

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