Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I remember the Administration railing about protecting the protestors and citizens all throughout the Arab Spring movement. When the ruling Middle East government moved against the marchers, screams from our Administration resounded loudly on all TV channels that their leader must go. Even though the Arab Spring Protestors carried and used weapons, the U.S. position was that there really should not be a crack down. Am I wrong?

It seem so disingenuous that police can break up U.S. Citizens Constitutional right to gather, to march, to protest and drag these citizens off to jail and manhandle them. This is left up to the local police department so if the mayor is a Republican, he will use a flimsy excuse like tents, garbage, noise to turn an army of police with clubs on our own citizens.

I think it is an outrage. I remember in the old western movies, the Indian Chief not wanting to make peace because the white man speak with forked tongue.

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