Sunday, April 24, 2011


Walking in San Francisco, I saw a T-shirt with a picture of pubic hairs and a picture of Bush and needless to say which was the bad Bush caption. The bad Bush was a President I had absolutely no respect for. That is not easy to say because I'm not a young guy and have lived through all of them including FDR and have mixed thoughts but rarely a total void of respect. I disliked Nixon, and Jimmy Carter, and have a diametrically opposite view of Ronald Regan as the worshiping Republicans do. But notwithstanding any emotional and political thoughts of these "don't like" Presidents, the bad Bush has reached so much further in the depth of my despise that I think all other Presidents combined with the singular exception of his father who truly screwed this country with his Supreme Court nominations and the lack of physical and verbal spankings he should have given his son.

What amazes me is that the public keeps putting these people in office driving our country to depths that may be irreversible.

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