Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Congressman Weiner, I love you

I think the gossipers have had their feeding frenzy and the Republicans have their holier than thou moments all calling for his resignation and fellow Dems throwing him under the bus. The media, particularly the female reporters with their helmet hairdos, all are castrating him and the late night hosts are stewing him in oil.

However, I ask Anthony Wiener not to resign, ask his wife to stick with him, and ask him not to loose his fire simply because of this incident. Internet sex or cyberspace sex if habit forming, fun, and hurts no one and a hard habit to kick.

All of the apostles so eager to throw the first stone surely never back-slided in their life, and the ones who didn't couldn't make it with street whores with a hand full of hundreds.

Yeah, he lied. So do, I venture to guess, 99.9% of those who would eat his lunch.

Congressman Weiner, just do a great job for your voters and for the country. If you didn't screw any of the women, screw your adversaries..

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