Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Dear Prudence column had a story about a guy who wanted his wife to participate in a mw4mw sex swap. It turns out that because he thought he was good looking and decently hung, he would have the best of the deal. it turns out the other guy was heavy, bald and hung like a donkey.
The wife had a good time and moaned and groaned like a bitch in heat. Now he is insanely jealous and wants to sucker punch his wife and divorce her.

Due dilligence is the essence in making sex deals. He did not perform the most essential. I assume they talked about being drug and disease free, establish a hosting venue, age, and so forth but he did not consider the size as to length and girth of the other man. He should be angry with himself for rank stupidity and not blame his wife for having a good time.

I remember being asked by a fellow who was despondent because he and his wife have an open marriage and she is getting tons of yardage, and he is getting very little outside sex at all. He just wanted equity and not a jealous child. So I recommended they do a mw4mw only so he will get an equal amount and it seems to be working. But this didn't help our hero because he should not have made the deal in the first place.

Now that our childish hero's wife has eaten and been plugged with the forbidden apple in all 3 orifices, I imagine, that this guy should go back to basics and make sure the other guy has a member equal or less than his own endowment.

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