Monday, April 4, 2011


For wrong reasons, a pastor, in the U.S. burned a Muslim bible and there are protests and killings in Afghanistan because of this.

We keep talking about radicals in the Middle East and Terrorists in the Middle East as though there are just a few loose cannons there and all the other Muslims are just normal moderate friends. We said this about Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, and a bunch of others and their followers until it was too late to do anything except cause the deaths of our own young people in the military. So now we are killing our own by sending them into Muslim countries because, well maybe, there are more than just a few radicals.

These are the people who gas each other, who kill each other, who are intolerant of each other and treat women like they were personal slaves. These are the American flag burners, the shouters and gun waving, beheading, stoning, limb severing moderates we call our friends. These are the people who would kill innocent people because some pastor, tens of thousands of miles away, burned their book. This is their sense of justice, their sens of social behavior.

I have, in the recent past, asked all Muslim women to stop procreating with Muslim men, (Lesbians are just fine) even on pain of death, and the ethnic cleansing will be complete in a very short time. Ladies, this of this for the better good. Try to marry non Muslims and if you have a son, don't let him talk to Muslim men. This is a much more humane way to solve the problem then my former concept about making parking lots of Muslim countries.
You did not heed my request in the past, so maybe you will now.

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