Monday, July 21, 2014


I listen to MSNBC where there is an effort to blame the Republican hatred of my President on the fact that he is a black man.  Of course, I suspect that southern Republicans ALSO enjoy the fact that he is black so they have a 2nd reason for hating him.

I think that my President is not really hated.  I believe he is respected, super intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic, witty, a great family man, a super caring American, a great speaker and is downright lovable.  This is why the feigned hatred is so central to the Republican strategy.   They are frightened.

They have no one close to Obama by any measure, but are so thirsty for power, thirsty not to lose the billionaires supporters, that they spew hate, lies, and because their Rovesque ultra dirty tricks  are not working, they try to rig the elections. 

I have not seen a Republican idea in years and certainly no ideas that might benefit the ordinary working man, the entry level worker, the unemployed, the poor, women, college students, minorities, the environment, or the health of the people. 

The most vile strategy is refusing to bring bills to a vote in the House. I think there should be an amendment that the lower house must vote on bills passed in the senate and must vote on monetary bills requested by the Presidency.

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