Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh Marco Rubio, I'm in a sea of tears now that you're a VICTIM

Bwaaaaaa, I need a Kleenex. Rubio wants to be able to discriminate against gay people's rights  without feeling like a victim.  Did you see the "poor baby" look as he spoke this.  He says he's all for conventional marriage and just can't understand why there are those who take exception to his discrimination.  Gee Marco, I want to help you, so listen-up....

Marco, you are entitled to bring your religious views to the halls of government but if those views discriminate, ya all gonna be called a bigot and don't worry, you look good as a victim.  I know you can't help what you think, you can't help how you feel.  Yet, If you leave religion behind, recognizing the separation of Church and State, then you will be set free.

Then, if you discriminate, you'll have to give a rational reason, not blind faith, same as if you discriminated against Blacks, Cubans, Women...  You get the idea!  Ready, set, CRY.

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