Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In a recent blog, I asked Planned Parenthood to sue The Supreme Court, for allowing states to pass and enforce draconian legislation curtailing abortion in many states.  Perhaps P.P. Does not have standing but certainly women in various of these states can start a class action suit against both the Supremes and Congress and the legislatures in those bible hugging states  Certainly P.P. Can coordinate this.

More significant, I now think that the POTUS does have standing being the representative of all the people to sue the Republican members of the house for dereliction of duty, for abuse of power, for incompetence, misuse of public funds, for selling their votes, for ignoring the will of their people, and the courts should offer redress.  Certainly one form of redress would be to require that The House vote on every bill passed by the Senate, or created by the President. This would assure that they are earning their keep.  I think a good portion of their pay should be fined, to pay back for their waste of public money.

This, in part, is being discussed by Chris Mathews.   I love the thought.  I feel like I was on the leading edge of this concept of kicking back.

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