Monday, July 28, 2014


Since the early 1900's, aside from Germany, the most violent acts of brutality owing to moronic antisemitism, is attributed to Russia and Ukraine in what is known as a series of Pogroms causing untold hundreds of thousands of deaths and displacements of innocent Jews.

The blatant lies, control of media, misinformation, and empty promises, I believe, are part of the DNA make-up of these two countries. Of course as far as European countries go, antisemitism has been prevalent, but the poster boys are the ones now engaged combat.  Ukraine and Russia lied constantly about the Pogroms then, and now Putin is biologically incapable of telling the truth. He so much wants the good old USSR days.

I have a solution.  We should increase the sanctions placed on Russia as much as possible, and sell arms to the Ukraine.  This will somewhat level the playing field, with Russia drunk with expansionism and Ukraine fighting for their lives.

We make profit on the arms sales and watch them thin out their populations and have lots of news stories.  A real Trifecta.

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