Saturday, June 21, 2014


Watching MSNBC I see dozens of General Electric ads letting us know what a wonderful company they are.  These ads do not sell individual products. They are called "institutional" ads devoted to selling public relations extolling the corporate name.  They want us to think they are a wonderful enterprise, steeped in technological genius and devoted to our well being; champions for the protection of our environment and they usually rave about their virtues as to being super employers.

In the several ads I saw this morning, a very cute young girl tells us that her mom makes underwater fans powered by the moon, airplanes that talk to each other and trains that are friends with trees. I admit, it is very homey and endearing.  G.E. does also like making profits.

So, little girl, please have a sit-down with your mom and ask her to call the CEO of G.E. And ask him  to start paying taxes in the U.S. since they are such wonderful corporate citizens.

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