Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hamas and Israel

Hamas attacks Israel.  Be it by tunneling-in to do a hit, or sending a few thousand rockets, it is an act of war.  The game plan is to show pictures of wounded and dead children when Israel attacks back.  The U.N. Muslim countries, and most likely, places like France, Belgium, and a bunch of others want it to end so more children and adults will not die.  Eventually the fighting stops, Hamas uses its funds, not to help Palestinians out if squalor, but to build tunnels and to re-arm.  There are a good number of Jewish Temples damaged all over Europe as part of the sheer joy of being bigots and helping in the PR for Hamas.

This scenario continues by Hamas attacking again after some time, Israel retaliating, and Hamas showing dead children.

The American press is filled with the pictures of Ambulances, woman crying and screaming, people in stretchers, and a common war cry that the fight is unfair because less Israelis are dying. A few newscasters claim that now more Arabs will hate Israelis because of the casualties as though Israel may have overlooked this potentiality.

Some people of good will try to negotiate a cease fire and a peace plan but cease fires are short lived and a peace plan will not happen.

We lost about 4,500 of our wonderful young men because we ousted Sadam and they can't defend their country. We demolished the Taliban and they are coming back.  Many of our children died there too.  Our seriously wounded is in the many thousands.  The lesson learned is to win the war, finish the job,  and/or occupy with the U.N. Being the only ones with guns.

If the U.N. Will not go into Gaza and occupy and disarm Hamas, I say Israel, finish the job.

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