Sunday, June 1, 2014

Orange Is The New Black

I watched the first season of the Netflix presentation Orange Is The New Black and thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, almost on a par with Breaking Bad as an overall rating with some episodes more exciting and intense.  I am so delighted that this month, June, 2014, starts season two.

Yesterday, the June 9, 2014 issue of Time magazine had one of  Orange's stars on the cover, the beautiful and shapely Afro American Laverne Cox who might be a more conservative but possibly more provocative face of the Transsexual community.than, say, a Rue Paul.

If it took years and Supreme Court decisions to to move Gay and Lesbian rights to a more progressive level it seems like a n almost insurmountable gargantuan effort to elevate Transgendered the same manner.

Trannies are much less known, drive conservatives up a wall as I understand it, have reputations for stealing an old lady's purse, working in the sex trades, pervasive drug users and marketeers, alcohol abuse, gaming the welfare system, and taking Johns for a financial ride,

Laverne is going to do something about it. I talked about her physical attributes, but you have to read the article. It is super informative and Ms. cox is eloquent.

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