Sunday, July 13, 2014

Children of the Border

As I understand it, criminals sold parents on the promise of America for $2,000 per head or family... What ever.  Parents jump at this opportunity because of oppressive conditions at home.  I wouldn't  be a bit surprised if the oppression is caused by the very same criminals selling passage with kickbacks to the government officials who look the other way. I would not be surprised if some in all corners of Mexico are in on the take allowing unfettered entry and exit at their borders.

I understand and sympathize with the calls for compassion from the U.S. Hispanic community.  I add the empathy from religious organizations, some city officials, many Federal Government elected officials and all people who love the world's children.

As a doctrinaire Liberal on most issues, I am loath to hear the Republican Congress talk about the cost effectiveness of deportation by air compared to some other carriers,  I also understand most of the legal issues, lack of Judges, overflow of facilities, children alone vs. those with a parent.

Somehow I have this gnawing and growing desire that the criminals not be enriched by this crises that they created.  The governments of these non contiguous countries and Mexico should pay for the cost of what they could have prevented.  Same as think Iraq should. Pay our war cost in oil and Afghanistan in Poppy.

I also think it is summarily unfair to send some back and let some stay.  Since my beloved President will be blamed, since we will be hated no matter, let's put them all on nice planes, and send them back. and stop sending money to all those countries involved until the bill is paid.

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