Wednesday, July 2, 2014

if Ruth Ginsberg Were Only a Little Younger, I'd Propose.

I love Justice Ginsberg's scathing rebuttal of the legislative five ultra conservative Justices.  However, I see benefit as a result from this travesty and attack on women's rights.  I think that birth control should be removed from insurance company managing and service and rates be reduced accordingly, and women can pay a fee for the insurance being handled by Medicare. I'm talking all women.

In fact those residing in states where the Governor refuses to help their poor, ala Medicaid, Medicare should step in and provide a very low rate for the same coverage as if the Governor cooperated.

In fact, the next time this court legislated a diminution in ACA services, Medicare should include it.

When SCOTUS deemed ACA to be legal, it included all provisions except it gave Governors an option.  SCOTUS  did not say helping the poor was not a part of ACA.

In the future, when the court slices away our health care, Medicare should fill the gap.

I extrapolate to the point of having a one payer system allot sooner.

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