Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Problem with Eric Cantor

I read a good deal of news feeds, attribute about 80% of my TV viewing to news stories, so I have have seen and read numerous of Eric Cantor's opinions.  If he were just about any of the other republican leaders or wannabes, I would not be writing this blog. I have a theory about the others and will let the world know very soon.  But this is devoted to Cantor, a guy who seems to smile, even laugh at his personal success in making sure we are not our brother's keeper, making sure all the government bills and programs that would help, just stagnate and die.

He seems perfectly good with families losing their home, going hungry, underfunding schools, police, fire fighters, denying infrastructure improvements including bridges that are dangerous.  I think he is OK with poverty, no increase in minimum wage, unequal pay for the same job, bigotry in the work place. Oh he has excuses, albeit lame.

He seems OK with people not getting medical care, not funding Veteran needs and does not seem upset by the weekly shootings at children's schools.  He seems OK with misogyny,  Ok with the suffering of minority groups.

I am writing this blog because he should know better.  I am simply upset because he is Jewish and as such, I think he should be his brother's keeper, he should champion the poor, the disenfranchised, the unemployed,  the minorities.  He should champion voting rights.  Instead he chose power. Most will say he believes in this, but  I think he is devoid of conscience like Shakespeare's Richard III.

If I am wrong, I apologize, but these are my opinions.

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