Monday, June 2, 2014

The Great Political Ploy. The defund, wait and blame game.

Many of us like it when a Republican led House denies appropriations for a funding bill. After all, reduced spending saves money, reduces debt and might tend to reduce the size of government.

After defunding or refusing to fund, Republicans wait patiently for the inadequately funded organization to have a mishap, and the greater the screw-up, the more acute the  problem, the more those who deny funding raise up to blame those who proposed the funding.

Two cases:  republicans denied sufficient funds to protect our consulates, they patiently waited, and now blame the Administration for insufficient protection.  The Republicans denied sufficient funds for the Veterans Administration, waited patiently, and now are delighting in blaming the Administration for lousy service.  They spent more money investigating Benghazi than it would have cost to protect some of the most dangerous outposts.

They deny infrastructure money, school financing, increase number of teachers, police, fire departments, and have raped the Post Office and they are waiting patiently.

I will talk about other great Conservative decisions.  Getting into a war that killed over 5,000 (not 4) Americans and I think over 35,000 seriously wounded and maimed.  I will talk about trying to rig elections through illegal voter laws, and I'll talk about the frenzy to end the Affordable Care Act.

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