Thursday, June 19, 2014


In this blogging game, my stage name is Carl Stove. 

I met with with my fellow national election losers and we decided that special measures were necessary because we'd never control all 3 branches of government based on doing things good for the American people.  

I clearly showed all my favorite charts, the numbers of people we can count on to vote for even our most mentally unbalanced candidates. Folks, you know almost every Evangalist and similar Christian group voters are in our pocket, along with freaky red necks, dudes who get subsidies for no good reason, gun nuts, those named Bubba,  people who dislike most blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, old white folk, and other like minded stand-up citizens including financial types, insurance execs, and almost all Mormons, These are our base along with Zillionairs who want to buy, and are trying to buy our country. 

I showed that we just need another few percent. A lousy few percent and we will control the Amerika. I love that spelling. The so-called middle class will never be in control again. Power, no, no, COMPLETE POWER is within reach.

What we do is in another blog along with how we do it. Stay tuned.

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