Monday, August 11, 2014


I was brought up thinking that the police were there to keep the peace, were our friends, caught bad people, who would be of assistance if you had an auto or other accident, mishap.

Over the years, I have encountered police downright obnoxious, saw one taking a bribe, noticed an officer in uniform give leniency to a hooker if she went down. Sh told me the alternative was jail. I asked an officer to sign off on a fix-it ticket and he didn't want to because it was written by another agency. I had to remind him of his duty.. I made a complaint about one officer totally off base, and his Lieutenant went to great lengths to talk me out of it.   He was not up front with his intentions.

Recently I saw images of a Cop beating up a black woman.  One chocked a black man to death. Now one shot a black kid to death. That is this month's trifecta.

The CA hi way patrol will not write up an accident, the police can claim they are too busy because of funding.

I no longer think it is an excuse to say that most police are good hard workers.  This seems to excuse the black sheep.  It suggests that no real fix is needed.

I seriously disagree.  Ask random people of their experiences.  I sense they will also disagree.

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