Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Wind & My Fence

Years ago, if the wind damaged one of my wood fences, I could get some quotes, have a split payment agreement with a neighbor, call my insurance company and they would, at least foot part of the bill.  Oh, I'd get the quotes myself, because one of my neighbors got a quote and doubled it, asking me to pay my share  the neighbor's theory was that me paying 1/2 of 200%, costs them nothing. Gosh, they could have tutored me in math.

Now, many of us believe that insurance companies enjoy taking your money, but really get terribly upset if they have to pay out anything.  Yet, even the most customer unfriendly insurance company realizes that it sometimes has to pay all or part of a claim.  So, it is my theory that for the last 200 years, insurance companies unleash an army of analysts who they lock in a room full of electric calculators and don't allow them to even pee, unless they can come up with a creative way of screwing us without us knowing were getting it and without our permission. It's like a friendly rape.

Now, one company amortizes your fence over only 7 years.  That means your coverage loses about 15% of its value each year, and they apply the deductible to what is left.  Now, good folks, you don't have to know Calculus to realize that the fence coverage is a joke they laugh about every time you pay a premium.  I imagine that company hasn't paid out a fence claim since they put this in the policy in a place that no one, who wants to have a happy day, reads.

I would not be surprised if they demand payment from you for putting in such a spurious claim.mYes, I may have misspelled spurious, but I learned that word from a!

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