Monday, June 23, 2014

My Pen Name is Carl Stove

As Republicans, these are the mandates that must be followed by all elected officials and others:

1.  Obstruct every proposal that is brought up by Democrats or bipartisan with Dem support

2.  If you are running for office, tell what you will do. It need not be within the realm of the possible,                 just do not say how you will do it.

3.  Everyone has the responsibility to criticize every decision the president makes. Call it illegal, un-American,  job killing,  anti civil liberties,  pro Muslim,  unconstitutional,  racist, anti religion,  naive, and you can be outrageous, as you want.  You must do these twice every week.

4. At every opportunity talk about fixing health care, Social Security  Medicare,  Veteran's Affairs, international relations, job creation, education, infrastructure,  wages, opportunity, with programs that actually work.  Just do not elaborate.

5. When ever anything happens, blame this Administration, and Democratic Congress. No matter how absurd, give a reason why it is their fault.

6.  Don't use the words "pro choice". Call it baby killing, "child Murderers "'

7. Create laws that tend to reduce minority voting.  Particularly those against Blacks, Hispanics, and youth.  The more of these groups that stay away, the more we can win.

8, talk impeachment at every chance you get.  Any reason will do no matter how bizarre.

9. Talk take over of the government, taking back our country, taking over Washington.

10. Shower all races  with the most negative ads in history.  Repeat the most terrible lies often enough.

I am Carl Stove and I approve all dirty tricks.

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