Monday, July 7, 2014


In an mall Arcade, I put a few coins in a slot, gave the slide a firm push. It swallowed the coins and I pulled out the slot.  I grabbed the mallet and was shocked at what started popping up.

Instead of Moles, it was Republicans and Tea Party types popping up. It started slow and they were voice activated seeming sincere, each sounding like the pop-up-dummy they represent.  The first had to do with the IRS, I smacked him down, as did with the Donald look alike, then the Speaker, a Senator from South Carolina. The came faster and I hit them harder and faster.

My arms started tiring. Some were Presidential hopefuls.  Most were House Reps. Senators, all from red states, and the insults to our President, to The Administration, to Democrats, became increasingly vile.  I felt it was a crass dirty tricks scheme to throw out all their garbage and see if some stick.  I would have no part of it.

When the game ended, my score flashed. It wasn't numerical. It was descriptive..  It said I was a Liberal.

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