Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chris Matthews I thought I knew ya

Recently Chris (MSNBC Hardball) you screamed for the dismissal of Shinzeki (head of the VA) without the facts, only the symptoms.  Shinzeki, resigned akin it a Dishonorable Discharge. A hell of an end to a lifetime career in the service to America. One main reason was that some engaged in falsification of official records at some VA facilities.  I have not heard one politico or newscaster demand the firing of the possible doctors, managers, staff level personnel, who broke laws by lying.

In my business, I had 60 employees. When one stole or falsified a time card, I fired them, not their manager if the manager was innocent, and if anyone said I should step down, I would laugh them all the way to the next Galaxy.

Now, our President traded 5 Taliban for one American.  Matthews again screaming like a Banche.
We have zero evidence that these unsavory looking dudes did anything against our country. Hence, they were not and could not be charged. But Chris thinks they possibly could now do harm, so let's abandon the American, and keep the five Smith Brothers in jail with no proof, making us like like Russia or China.  Chris, please calm down, take a pill, and go after the bad guys.

Chris, I hardly know ya now, but you used to be my hero.

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  1. glad to hear the OTHER side of this story,
    there's so much outrage over it.
    Thanks Harv.