Thursday, January 28, 2010


The good people at The Huffington Post sent me a recap of the French research firm's study on worst company offenders. They mention also some of the best such as IBM and Intel and I smiled because IBM is an Alma Mater of mine.

The worst companies or should I say the 10 worst had a common thread of doing some rather nasty things to pad their pockets. I thought this was going to be some backwater firms in some third world or Communist countries selling their grandchildren or harvesting body organs from convicts like I read about in China. In this world wide study, I was almost totally off base.

Why I'm writing this blog is that there were three shockers in my mind. One is that all but one of these firms are in major countries. Only one was in Indonesia and the others in either Canada, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland and the U.S.A. I think that many companies sin, but I never thought the worst of the worst would be in famous countries that made things like Prada, DosXX beer, chocolate, Baileys Irish Cream and..... oh no, in U.S.A. we don't make anything anymore.

The second shocker was that 5 of the bottom worst 6 in the world were U.S. firms or associated with the U.S. Halliburton, Occidental Oil, Philip Morris, Monsanto, and Chevron. Next time some conservative tells you we need to leave corporations to do what ever they want to without oversight, please pull out my blog and ask them to eat it like a goat.

Lastly, of the 5 U.S. firms, who would guess, mostly oil companies, a tobacco giant and a chemical company. Thank god it wasn't Burger King else I'd starve to death. This whole thing seems to beg the question as to why no insurance companies are named. People are going bankrupt and dying. I wonder if they lobbied the research company.

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