Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 2002 Movie Secretary

This movie is a classic treatment of the Dominant/Submissive relationship. I could write a novella discussing each scene, the nuances, the body language between the characters, the dialogue, the supporting cast the costumes as well as the set and music, They were all brilliantly brought together not only to show the dominant and submissive behaviors, but of equal interest to me was the totally statistical improbability that two people with really different natures, of opposite ends of the personality spectrum, and past history of failures, do ultimately find each other in a perfect loving match, if not harmonious.

What is amazing is that Secretary is 180 degrees opposite of a chick flick and I doubt if even a few ladies would give the movie an ovation. Yet, it is a love story almost in its purest form. I saw it on the IFC Movie Channel and then rented it from Netflix. and each of the six times I viewed it, like most movies, I discovered more and more.

You can log into IMDB - The Internet Movie Data Base via Google, Yahoo or Bing it and you can search on Sectretary, 202, see the comments, ratings, complete cast and other work by the artists.

Was there life before Netflix? I don't remember. I don't think I need a secretary but have been told that a Nymphomaniac with Tourette Syndrome provides interesting diversion from writing blogs.

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