Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I enjoy the wit and laughter listening to Wanda Sykes. She is one of the funniest show people of this era and her political and social commentary, on almost all subjects, are very compatible with my way of thinking. I was introduced to her on the Jay Leno show where she'd have me falling off my bed with her brand of edgy, sometimes sarcastic, and mostly opinionated views. I watched her and Ellen on UTube and Wanda was a riot.

When Sykes started her own show on the Fox Network, I scheduled it, weekly on my DVR. and have watched all installments from its inception. I don't know what her token white, chubby Tranny girl does, but believe she should have a few lines, and can really offer something, instead of mostly looking bewildered. Her black announcer is often funny and charming.

Digressing if I may, years ago watching BET I was taken aback by black comedians using the "N" word in every other sentence drawing a great deal of laughter from the black audience. I thought it set a poor example especially if children viewed the channel. I wrote articles on this and felt that I may have made some inroads. I think any race dissing any race is wrong.

So now Wanda is way more politically correct in using "white" or "black" to designate race but what I feel is that race as a topic, particularly favorable to black, and demeaning to white is creeping into the format at an increasing rate making me uncomfortable. The difference between Sykes and Leno is that Leno usually jokes about an individual rather than a group. Wanda will talk politically about individuals as does Leno, but when it comes to race as it more often does, there are many negative overtones toward whites as a group. It seems to me that this is getting more popular with not only Wanda's monologues, but with her guests.

It certainly is her right, it is her show and they are her writers. I don't think that my sensibilities are easily frayed, but for the last couple of weeks, I didn't have that smile on my face ready to sleep like a baby after watching. Only one opinion that perhaps Wanda can keep racial jokes in moderation. My opinion, of course; this is my blog.

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