Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid, Black People, and Poliics

Well, I tuned into Larry King's show and Soledad O'brien was covering a remark by Reid, the Democratic Senator from Nevada about what I think was about light skinned black people and Negro dialect. Three of the panel of three black and one white agreed that the statement was inappropriate but apology was accepted and one panelist seemed to want to hammer a nail into Reed's political coffin. Of course, she was black, and, of course she was a conservative. Now, when Ms. Obrien brought in other people, the lines of politics mainly determined whether Reid's remark was either an unfortunate comment that was later apologized to, or to draw and quarter the Senator in the Capitol courtyard.

Personally, I think all racial comments should be avoided. There is no question that black people, historically in this country, should be given wide consideration, but what remains is that everyone really does not like comments that are derogatory to their own race, their own people, their own brethren, their own gender. Most are much more liberal when the nasty comment is about someone who doesn't look like us, doesn't speak like us, and who have different preferences than we do.

I think too many Black people are as much prejudiced toward others as others are toward them. I can say the same for Hispanics, Asians, American and East Indians. When white people say some crap, everyone hates it. Also, I think too many people in a specific religion are, in more hushed tones, as discriminatory as can be. I also believe that many Americans not only think most individuals outside their own circle really suck, but they are also pretty rough on their own. Many dislike or demean their own, but dislike outsiders saying the same thing.

I have two cats. One white, one orange striped. They play together both rough and gentle, clean each other, and sleep near each other and don't steal too often from each other's bowls. We can learn a life lesson from my cats. We need more than dialogue, we need to teach children to act and speak about each other using my cats as the poster boys. So Harry Reid, come visit and observe my Gatitos. Meow.

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