Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last evening, I was having to sip on Alka Seltzer while the returns were pouring in from the Senate election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat. The last time I went totally Bulimic was hearing the horrible news that Proposition 8 passed in California.

Contrasting the two I'd say that Proposition 8 passed because of the millions spent on lies, and evasions and propaganda by right wing disgraceful jerks and discriminatory religious groups. A little strong? Try the First Amendment if you don't like it. Republicans won in Mass. because of the gross ineptitude of the Democratic candidate, the lack of Democratic intelligent support on a national basis, the lousy first year our wonderful president has as a record, the woos Democrats vs. the vulture Republicans in their approach to power and politics.

And the voters in Mass. reflect my thesis that Americans don't really care about each other. This was a vote for a good looking right wing guy and against the woman who vacationed during the electoral process.

One would think that health care alone would have voted in even a Democrat Darth Vadar, but the electorate decided that if thousands and thousands of Americans die because of lack of health care, and that more go bankrupt and suffer, it doesn't matter if it does not effect that voter.

Wake up 'Democrats. You remind me of the war with the British fighting in colorful uniforms marching in close formation while the opposition was in Davy Crockett clothes not looking like soldiers. The slaughter followed. You Dems are fighting vultures who are outrageous in their zeal for power, and you fight like a disorganized, un-managed bunch of hacks.

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