Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revisiting Gay Marriage in California


Over a short span, California has seen the voters deny gay marriage, then the California Supreme court overthrew that denial, then the voters again on the notorious Proposition 8 denied what the Supreme Court ruled on. This time the Supreme Court did not overthrow the voters.

On Prop. 8, I followed the news, the advertisements, the mailings, the Emails, and was disgusted at the blatant outright lies, the bending of the truth, the innuendo, and the millions spent by right wing organizations, religious groups, and in particular, the Mormon Church who, in my opinion, has shown a degree of shame and discrimination beyond the pale. This doesn't let the Evangelists, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, etc. off the hook. The hierarchy of these organizations are just as culpable, just as prejudice, just as shameful.

Well, I see no harm in Gay Marriage. I see harm in calling it Gay Unions as to call it a different name is to discriminate and relegate to a lesser citizenship, to having lesser rights. I did see the happiness, the laughter the faces of the people Mayor Newsome married. This joy just CANNOT be wrong. Our moral compass is useless when we discriminate against love.

The very people who destroy any sanctity in marriage are too often the ones who want to deny it to gays. I still believe we as Americans love our country, we are just intolerant and uncaring of our fellow Americans if they are not in our religion, are not our family, are not like us. If we have good medical care, I mean, why do we give a damn if they don't. If thousands die each year, so what, but if one dumb ass sneaks into a airplane with a bomb and threatens the homeland, it is on the news day and night. Gays and Lesbians are our neighbors, our brethren, our children, our relatives our neighbors. I see zero rationale that marriage need be between a man an woman?

The super attorneys, Ted Olsen and David Bois who appeared against each other at the Supreme Court regarding the Florida fiasco during Gore vs. Bush, have gotten together to fight for the rights of Gays to marry in California and on January 11 on the 17th floor of the District Federal Court in San Francisco, they will start to plead the case. They are asking for it to be televised. The people against gay marriage do not want TV in the Court. Read what you want into this.

As a side note; many many months ago, I wrote to the President of the Equal Opportunity Campaign and suggested they get Attorney David Bois. I almost fell off my chair when I read that he and Olsen teamed up. Maybe I'll start reading palms. I'll become a seer a soothsayer. How's this: Beware Mormon Church, Beware the Ides of March.

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