Monday, January 25, 2010


I am really amazed that my President is such a gentleman. He talks with power but relies on others to follow-up perhaps so he can stay above the fray. So to most, especially the electorate, the talk does not match the walk. I love my President, but that is the way it seems.

The Republicans should be the loyal opposition. The two keywords are loyal and opposition. We know the opposition is is the Republican thirst for power no matter what effect it has on our country. That is the way it seems and there is nothing, no matter how false, undermining, sneaky, or overt, they take the position that their power is more important than the work of the people.

The word "bipartisan" is only for bills that are totally non political and carry a fear that to not support is akin to wanting our military personal to die. Beyond that, there is no such animal as bipartisan. President O'bama, they want you to fail, and you want to be friends. How nice!

Neither my President or his cabinet or congressional leaders have learned anything about maintaining the parties lead, and about fighting with the same force and power against how they are being fought. As a result, the Democrats are losing their control one election at a time. Frankly speaking, the country loses, but the Dems deserve the spanking, deserve the losses and have no concept of how to maintain party discipline and don't have an inkling of how to keep the electorate respecting the party. They let a nude model sway the balance of power. Genius!

The Republicans can threaten every member and control them. The Democrats are only good at talking. Smell the coffee fellas. Wake up.

We need middle class jobs. Yes some shovel ready but tons of middle class. Bring back enough manufacturing to assure technical and managerial middle class jobs. Do it now. Do it unilaterally. Shovel ready jobs do not trickle up with any numbers. Major manufacturing jobs do. China and other do not support us. We need to and can bring back enough to solve the unemployment.

Get an extension to Medicare with the 51% vote option or spend a few million and buy a Republican Senator or two. Why if the insurance and Pharma companies can do it, why can't you. Do not include Republicans in anything, after all Bush set the tone for this. Get a Democratic groundswell of people both liberal and progressive to march, to demonstrate, to carry the word. Finally, punish any Democratically elected official who does not vote for the party's agenda and do the same to the independents. Did you really think Olympia Snow was going to vote with you? How naive!

The Republicans are spanking you and you're saying thank you, I needed that.

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