Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bo Hoo Hoo Mark McGwire, Bwaaaaaaaa

Many moons ago, I sat glued to my TV seeing Mark McGwire in front of Congress. Do you remember the stonewalling, the arrogance the macho body language and mega evasion of answers?

Yesterday, he is choked up in tears saying that his children, his family all find out he used 'roids. He said yesterday was the worst day in his life. He reminded me a little of elected officials when they get caught with their fly in another zip code. Oh how disingenuous is the apology to family, to constituency to their fans, to their supporters!

I disagree with McGwire, in that I think that it was not yesterday, but that infamous day in front of Congress. That was the worst day in his life. Like most perps, they are arrogant until they get caught. They are innocent until they get caught. In front of Congress, he could have confessed, he could have manned-up but, he wasn't caught yet, so he spent the worst day of his evading the truth in front of the world.

Personally, we should stop looking up to athletes and many elected officials as role models; at lest not when they are alive. Give it 25 years postmortem to stand the test of biographers and history. Someone like Thomas Jefferson, giving us the Declaration and having interracial love (what a man!), and honest Abe teaching us that a score is not a waitress but is 20 years. Not McGwire, a role model no more.

Thinking about all this, I need to take a long shower.

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